Former clients share their experience with Paige Barrows Coaching...

Paige has a very calm presence and a great sense of humor and both my kids adore her. My kids look forward to their sessions with Paige and I can hear laughter during their time together, incredible, right?

I’ve recommended Paige to many friends whose kids are struggling in math and they all rave about her. Their kids also adore Paige, girls and boys alike. Paige really is that special of a math tutor, she’s a game changer. I believe she could turn any kid around in math and not only that they would start to actually enjoy math. That is what I have seen her do for my daughter and many others. I can not recommend her highly enough, she is an incredible math tutor and your child would be lucky to have her!!
— Leesa Romo
Parent of The Hamlin School graduates
We had an ambitious goal when we found Paige – we wanted our 7th grader, Katie, to take the SAT and qualify for Johns Hopkins/CTY with only a few months to prepare for the test. Not only did Katie easily qualify for CTY with an SAT math score of 600, a year later she scored a perfect 800 on the SSAT math section and raised her SAT math score an additional 150 points. These scores would not have been possible without weekly lessons with Paige. She is a phenomenal tutor and we are extremely grateful to have found her. I refer everyone I know to her and they all love her.
— Sue Kirkland
Parent of Claire Lilienthal graduate
Paige Barrows is a jewel.

Paige came very highly recommended, and she and my daughter were a great fit. Paige immediately put her skills and experience to work, establishing a rapport and an effective rhythm with my daughter.

I feel very fortunate that we found Paige, and I wholeheartedly recommend her!
— Katherine
Parent of Presidio Middle School graduate
I feel enormously grateful to Paige for her consistent, first rate coaching of our daughter in math. Paige’s demeanor is calm, professional and delightful. Paige has inspired our daughter to become a confident, strong math student; she now enjoys the challenges math presents instead of being filled with uncertainty and dread. Our daughter’s strong math grades and high SSAT score are secondary in importance when compared to the great sense of accomplishment, self worth and belief in her abilities she has gained through her work with Paige. Paige comes with my highest recommendation.

She is a wonderful role model for any young person.
— Phoebe Lang
Parent of The Hamlin School graduate
With Paige’s expert test-taking tips and guidance, our daughter’s Math score jumped from the 44th percentile to the 88th percentile! Out of 800 possible points, she got 752! Paige has a solid understanding of SSAT Math, and in my opinion, it would behoove anyone to take advantage of her expertise.
— Dele
Parent of The Hamlin School graduate
Paige’s methods for explaining are clear and very thorough, and she also follows through with practice and examples for me to try to make sure that I feel strong and confident with the topic.  She is very patient with me, and often it takes me a few times practice or simply talking it out for a while for me to understand something, but Paige always makes me feel comfortable and encourages my learning style.  As a junior, I have come to appreciate math in a completely different light than when I first started as a freshman, with confidence and faith that I have the capabilities to do it, and I can attribute this change to Paige and how much she has uplifted and supported me.  She has truly made a very significant impact on my learning, without which I would not feel as confident and capable of my own abilities as I do today.
— Angela Gutierrez
Graduate of The Urban School
Our otherwise high-achieving son struggled with Algebra his freshman year at Lowell. We knew he needed support and were blessed to find Paige. She not only made math concepts more accessible, she also coached our son on study habits and test-taking strategies, and provided motivational support through some particularly tough challenges in Geometry during sophomore year. Our son improved his math grade, which we believe would have been impossible without Paige’s dedicated and consistent support. She has earned our highest trust, and I recommend her without reservation.
— Teresa Ruano
Parent of Lowell High School graduate
Paige is a terrific coach and role model. Our daughter was very anxious about the math portion of the SSAT and Paige’s clarity, consistency and support made a huge difference. Not only did our daughter’s SSAT score rise dramatically but Paige’s explanation of study techniques and test-taking strategies made the standardized testing experience less intimidating. Paige is an excellent teacher, a dedicated professional and a dream to work with for both kids and parents. She has my highest recommendation.
— Ann Alpers
Parent of Marin Country Day School graduate