SAT/ACT Math Mastery Summer Program

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SAT/ACT Math Mastery Summer Program

from 1,500.00

SAT/ACT Math Mastery Summer Program:

Summer math test prep program to maximize standardized test scores. Private, 1 to 1 math review and strategic coaching sessions with Paige.

  • 8 private math coaching sessions (90 minutes in length).

  • Customized test-prep strategies and content to maximize score.

  • Flexible schedule – Ability to choose in-person or online 1:1 sessions.

  • Includes full-length proctored test in Pacific Heights office.

Payment options:

  • Full Payment, pay $3000

  • Register and secure your space with a deposit, pay $1500

  • Program balance is due August 1st, pay $1700

Payment Options:
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