With Paige’s expert test-taking tips and guidance, our daughter’s Math score jumped from the 44th percentile to the 88th percentile! Out of 800 possible points, she got 752! Paige has a solid understanding of SSAT Math, and in my opinion, it would behoove anyone to take advantage of her expertise.
— Dele
Parent of The Hamlin School graduate

Paige's SSAT math coaching curriculum and techniques have a proven 16-year track record of helping students raise their SSAT math scores an average of 30++ percentile points.  These remarkable results have helped hundreds of students with a broad range of scores goal get into their first choice of high school.  Whether your child is starting with an SSAT math score under the 35th percentile and wanting to break into the 60th percentile or higher to be competitive, or has an initial score above the 60th percentile and wants/needs a math score in the 90's to gain an edge with admission into the most elite local and boarding schools, Paige will give your child the best opportunity to maximize their game.  Paige shares vital SSAT test-taking strategies, covers the entire spectrum of SSAT math content, and generates confidence in her students.

Paige is an expert in preparing students for the SSAT and other middle school standardized tests. She will guide your child through the ins and outs of successful test taking strategies for the SSAT math sections.  Her coaching engenders a sense in students that they are “good test-takers” who don’t need to feel intimidated by the pressures standardized tests typically present.  Her philosophy is that all students can be coached to personal mastery of the SSAT, and that everyone deserves the admissions-enhancing boost an optimized SSAT score can bring.  Moreover, testing well is a life skill worth mastering!  Bolstered by their knowledge of and experience using winning test-taking strategies in middle school, coachees typically go on to approach other standardized and admissions tests with confidence and self-assurance.

The SSAT Math Mastery Program includes:

  • One-on-one private coaching sessions with Paige, a dedicated coach who has a proven 16-year track track record of helping students raise their SSAT math scores an average of 30++ percentile points.

  • (Sessions are 55 minutes in length)

  • A proven curriculum developed over the course of 16 years of successfully coaching SSAT-prep students to achieve their maximum performance on test day. Paige's SSAT prep curriculum includes the following:

    • Course syllabus covering the most relevant, score-boosting math topics.

    • Practice problems to reinforce weekly lessons.

    • 5 full-length sample practice SSAT tests.

  • 1 proctored SSAT practice test at Paige’s office

  • Coaching including guidance on the following crucial topics:

    • A 24-hour action plan for the day and night before the test to ensure success on test day.

    • How to skip questions with confidence and ease. (The SSAT penalizes students for incorrect answers, so randomly guessing is discouraged).

    • 5 winning test-taking strategies for the math sections.

  • Mid-semester parent-coach check-in and Q&A: Optional 20 minute parent-coach conference via phone about your student, his or her progress and any questions about the SSAT itself or related.

  • The benefit of expertise with 8th grade math, through the lens of SSAT math prep, which inevitably translates to your child’s increased mastery and confidence in the classroom.

  • The competitive edge and self-esteem boost that students experience when they have attained their personal best on standardized tests.


  • All regular weekly coaching sessions will take place at Paige's office in Pacific Heights. Paige also offers an online coaching option – enabling students to get coached via Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime from the convenience of home, or while traveling, or when home sick.

Paige offers her SSAT math coaching curriculum in the fall (for 8th graders) and summer (for rising 8th graders) to suit the needs and schedules of individual students and families:

Fall SSAT Math Mastery Program Structure

  • 14 math coaching sessions with Paige

  • Recurring weekly 55 minute sessions (each student chooses a regular time slot for the coaching)

    • First week: Week of August 26th.

    • Final week: Week of December 2nd.

  • Paige will reschedule up to two sessions during the semester the week they are canceled. If this is logistically impossible, Paige will offer make-up sessions via Zoom on a first-come, first-served basis for students who were unable to make their recurring appointment on make-up days. A link will be provided to registered students in the event they need to schedule an appointment on a make-up day.

  • Students who reach their SSAT goals prior to the December 7th test date may use their remaining sessions towards the following: working with Paige on 8th grade school math (academic coaching), reviewing for the Lowell High School placement exam in Dec., prepping for the HSPT January test date, or prepping in late April/early May for High School placement exams.

Total Program Cost: $3450

  • Either payable in full ($3450)


  • Split payment option:

    • Initial deposit ($1750)

    • Balance of ($1900) due October 15, 2019. (This option includes an administrative fee.)

Summer SSAT Math Mastery Program Structure

  • 12 SSAT math coaching sessions with Paige

    • SSAT Prep sessions are 55 minutes long, 1 to 1, and can be held in person or online via Zoom.

    • Students enrolled in the Summer SSAT Program who wish to continue will be eligible to enroll in Paige’s Fall SSAT Math Mastery Program.

    • Priority scheduling to take a full-length timed SSAT test at Paige’s office by August 24.

Total Tuition: $3000

  • Either payable in full ($3000)


  • Split payment option:

    • Initial deposit ($1500)

    • Balance of ($1650) due August 1, 2019. (This option includes an administrative fee.)

We had an ambitious goal when we found Paige – we wanted our 7th grader, Katie, to take the SAT and qualify for Johns Hopkins/CTY with only a few months to prepare for the test. Not only did Katie easily qualify for CTY with an SAT math score of 600, a year later she scored a perfect 800 on the SSAT math section and raised her SAT math score an additional 150 points. These scores would not have been possible without weekly lessons with Paige. She is a phenomenal tutor and we are extremely grateful to have found her. I refer everyone I know to her and they all love her.
— Sue Kirkland
Parent of Claire Lilienthal graduate
Paige is a terrific coach and role model. Our daughter was very anxious about the math portion of the SSAT and Paige’s clarity, consistency and support made a huge difference. Not only did our daughter’s SSAT score rise dramatically but Paige’s explanation of study techniques and test-taking strategies made the standardized testing experience less intimidating. Paige is an excellent teacher, a dedicated professional and a dream to work with for both kids and parents. She has my highest recommendation.
— Ann Alpers
Parent, Marin Country Day School graduates
Paige Barrows is a jewel.

Paige came very highly recommended, and she and my daughter were a great fit. Paige immediately put her skills and experience to work, establishing a rapport and an effective rhythm with my daughter.

I feel very fortunate that we found Paige, and I wholeheartedly recommend her!
— Katherine
Parent of Presidio Middle School graduate
Paige is an excellent math tutor, I do not believe you will be able to find a better math tutor or even one that comes close to Paige.

Several years ago, I hired Paige to help my older daughter in 7th grade who was struggling in math at the time. She helped my daughter place into the intermediate math section at her school, which would not have been possible without her assistance. I also hired Paige to do some enrichment work with my 6th grade daughter, who is gifted in math. With just an hour a week, Paige made the biggest difference for my both kids in math. My older daughter found math clear and easy after she started working with Paige, and my younger daughter got reengaged with math by enjoying the challenge of playing fun math games with Paige.

My girls often leave her sessions and say, OK Paige explained in a few minutes something that wasn’t clear in class. Paige has that something extra in terms of explaining math, she’s the special sauce!

Paige went on to prep both my girls for the SSAT and they both did extremely well, even my older daughter who did not previously test well. My younger daughter knocked it out of the ball park on the SSATs thanks to Paige. Funny enough, my older daughter did very similarly thanks to Paige’s help. My girls are still using Paige, and she continues to be an incredible asset to them, she is so kind and so easy to work with.
— Leesa Romo
Parent, Thacher and Brown University students