Paige offers advanced coaching in mathematics to middle and high school students. She has earned a reputation in top San Francisco private schools as a first-rate coach who supports students in achieving their maximum potential in math.

Paige's results include:

  • Efficiency of time and effort when doing homework, mastering new math skills, and studying for tests.

  • The emergence of mathematical confidence and pride as comprehension soars and scores improve.

  • Many students have been moved into more advanced math classes as a result of working with Paige:

    • Middle school students often move up to the accelerated or honors versions of Prealgebra or Algebra at their middle school.

    • High school students are often invited to enroll in Honors Geometry or the extremely accelerated Advanced Algebra/Precalculus combination course at their high school.

  • Placement: most middle school students have placed into more advanced math classes than their peers their freshman year in high school, with many students placing into Geometry as freshman, and often into Accelerated or Honors Geometry or Advanced Algebra.

  • Some high school students have been invited to skip a math course (usually Geometry or Advanced Algebra) in their school's typical sequence of courses.

  • A's and A+'s are frequently attained by Paige's students. Many students who began math coaching during a stressful semester continue for subsequent semesters to protect their knowledge base, continue to build upon their math skill set, and maintain an A in math.

  • Gifted students who are unchallenged and even bored in their math class often rediscover a zest for math and get ahead of the standardized testing game.

  • Students who are struggling in their math class frequently boost their semester grades one or two full letter grades above the grade they the semester started with; for example, going from a C to a B or an A.

  • The solid foundation students receive from math coaching gives them a leg-up for standardized tests without even directly focusing on the specific content, problem types and strategies for the SSAT, HSPT, ACT and SAT during sessions.

Paige's methods and techniques include:

  • Creating a calm, focused, supportive atmosphere in which students can step into their mathematical curiosity and brilliance.

  • Customized practice problems, practice quizzes, and even mock finals created on demand.

  • Reassuring approach – always validating, never judgmental.

  • An embrace of the student as a whole person with many talents and gifts, often including, but not limited to, math.

  • The use of humor to create rapport and put students at ease wherever possible.

  • Challenging gifted students with riddles, Mensa games, and math olympiad-style problems (including the math concepts which appear on the SAT and ACT).

  • Mathematical concepts from 6th grade through Precalculus broken down clearly and distinctly in easily absorbed explanations.

  • Dedication to eradicating any (false) beliefs a student may have that they can't understand and/or excel in math. Once-struggling students have not infrequently turned out to be gifted students in disguise.

  • Customization of lessons to the level of information a student can process on a given day.

  • Emphasis on how to study for math tests: most students do not know how to – and therefore don’t – study for math tests.

  • Knowledge of the in’s and out’s of math programs and teacher preferences at most independent Bay Area schools, including: Hamlin, Burke’s, Convent of the Sacred Heart, Nueva, MCDS, University High School, SF Day, Town, Jewish Community High School, International High School, Branson, The Marin Academy, The Urban School, Lick-Wilmerding High School, Stuart Hall High School, as well as public schools including Claire Lilienthal, Rooftop, and Lowell High School.

The Fall Math Coaching Program includes the following: 

1 semester commitment

  • 14 recurring weekly sessions August 28 - December 18 (Paige commits to a consistent weekly time slot to work with your child).

    • (The Fall Program spans 16 weeks and excludes Labor Day, Halloween, and the week of Thanksgiving. Sessions are 55 minutes long.)

  • ·A mid-semester 20-minute parent-coach check-in, provided upon request.

  • Communication with your student’s teacher or learning specialist as needed/requested (including emails, phone calls, and in-person meetings on campus to discuss the curriculum, student’s learning goals, mutual observations and learning plans).

  • Students can attend a scheduled session via Skype or Zoom if unwell but able to focus for an hour. Up to two missed sessions can be made up same-week if scheduling allows, or via Zoom on several designated make-up days.

  • An additional complimentary 55 minute final exam prep session will be offered at the end of the semester. An additional session will be scheduled directly with your child, and/or a link will be provided to registered students to schedule a final exam prep session on one of the designated days these sessions are offered to all students.

  • Ongoing informal check-ins with parents happily provided upon request.

Total Program Cost

  • $3300 (pay in full)

  • OR

  • $3500 (two-pay option):

    • Place an initial deposit ($1750) to reserve your child's spot on Paige's calendar.

    • The balance ($1750) is due on October 15, 2019. (This includes an administrative fee).


  • All regular weekly coaching sessions will take place at Paige's office in Pacific Heights, at the student’s school (please inquire), or in your home via Paige's concierge service (concierge fee, scheduling and distance limits apply, please inquire). Paige also offers a convenient online coaching option – enabling students to get coached via Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime.

Paige is a game changer. She could turn any kid around in math, and not only that, they would start to actually enjoy math.
— Leesa Romo
Parent of The Hamlin School graduates
I feel enormously grateful to Paige for her consistent, first rate coaching of our daughter in math. Paige’s demeanor is calm, professional and delightful. Paige has inspired our daughter to become a confident, strong math student; she now enjoys the challenges math presents instead of being filled with uncertainty and dread. Our daughter’s strong math grades and high SSAT score are secondary in importance when compared to the great sense of accomplishment, self worth and belief in her abilities she has gained through her work with Paige. Paige comes with my highest recommendation. She is a wonderful role model for any young person.
— Phoebe Lang
Parent of The Hamlin School graduate
Our otherwise high-achieving son struggled with Algebra his freshman year at Lowell. We knew he needed support and were blessed to find Paige. She not only made math concepts more accessible, she also coached our son on study habits and test-taking strategies, and provided motivational support through some particularly tough challenges in Geometry during sophomore year. Our son improved his math grade, which we believe would have been impossible without Paige’s dedicated and consistent support. She has earned our highest trust, and I recommend her without reservation.
— Teresa Ruano
Parent of Lowell High School graduate
Paige’s methods for explaining are clear and very thorough, and she also follows through with practice and examples for me to try to make sure that I feel strong and confident with the topic.  She is very patient with me, and often it takes me a few times practice or simply talking it out for a while for me to understand something, but Paige always makes me feel comfortable and encourages my learning style.  As a junior, I have come to appreciate math in a completely different light than when I first started as a freshman, with confidence and faith that I have the capabilities to do it, and I can attribute this change to Paige and how much she has uplifted and supported me.  She has truly made a very significant impact on my learning, without which I would not feel as confident and capable of my own abilities as I do today.
— Angela Gutierrez
Graduate of The Urban School